2020 Tough Bone Eurasian Off-Road Expedition
Would you like to present your company philosophy, logo and product differently and under harsh, real, long-term conditions in mountains, deserts and forests to your customers and the public?
By day and night, in fog, sand, mud and rain, snow, cold, sun and heat?

This is your chance!

We've picked you to be part of a 90-day, 19,000 km long off-road adventure trip through 22 sensational countries in August 2020.
This formidable expedition is looking for kindred spirits and craves partners we can depend on 100%. We're convinced that we can optimally place and show your unique selling point (USP). That's why we'd definitely like to have your company ... on board with us.
Equipped with our Tough Bone concept car, a rafting boat, touring skis, mountain bikes, climbing gear, sophisticated survival gadgets and a selected expedition team, we show awesome action. We're convinced that with you we can bring an absolute added value for the tour, your customers, fans and followers.

Test to the max - enjoy – goosebumps.

Our enclosed dossier describes all the info about the concept car, the route, the team and the options for collaboration. Become an adventurer and from the very start, you'll be in the middle of this unrivalled experience with your customers and your community with on-track documentation - instead of sitting on the sidelines.
You'll be integrated up until it all starts in various social media, exhibitions, tests and training sessions.
After the tour, you ... will continue to benefit with social media, at exhibitions and events or with the approximately 60 min. film about culture, people, countries and the concept car.

Get ready to drive off with us to explore the world!

I'm available at any time for us to get to know each other or answer any questions you may have. You can reach me via at sisley@tough-bone.ch or by phone at +41 79 448 75 13.


Dude Sisley